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sharp sword - for Dummies

Not known Details About Famous japanese sword makers

It has an awesome, extra-large swept hilt, chromed in nickel and swirling like a sandstorm around the hand that wields it. SBA-GENSTEELSWORD Gensteel Elegant High-Carbon Steel Arming Sword and Sheath $91 In Stock! The Gensteel is a fine example of the paradoxes of war. It is a lovely thing to behold.

SBA-GLADIUS-VESPARUM Roman Gladius Vesparum: Wasp-waisted Roman Gladius $99 In Stock! This splendid gladius includes a wasp design blade and a perfectly sculpted wood grip. Each segment of the grip is carved deep for a protected hold, and separated with sleek brass spacers. SBA-GLADIUSLEGIONNAIRE The Legionnaire: Rugged, Crowned Roman Gladius with Leather Grip $77 In Stock! This gladius is a gorgeous version of the sword that conquered 75 percent of the recognized world.

The greatest is the "Crowned" pommel which provides extra grip location. Need More Info? -JAEGER-F Jaeger Rugged Viking Sword - Phase Combat and Live Steel Perfomances $92 In Stock! Developed for phase battle or theatrical re-enactment, the guards and pommels are made from a polished-but-uncoated steel, which avoids cracking when struck. The thicker blade edge and round pointer include an extra measure of security.

Ace Martial Arts Supply Classic Crane Tsuba Handmade Samurai Katana Sharp  SwordReal Sharp Katana Sword For Sale - TrueKatana

The Warrior Katana - Razor Sharp Hand Forged Blade! for Beginners

The blade is made from a high-carbon steel. A long, stylish fuller runs almost the entire length of the blade, giving the sword additional strength and lightness. SBA-KNIGHTPROTECTOR-F Middle ages Knight Protector's Stage Combat Sword $79 In Stock! A phase fight version of our popular Knight Protector however with thicker edges and rounded idea for additional security.

SBA-LAKONIA Spartan Lakonia 20-inch Short Sword with Bronze Grip and Guard $85 In Stock! Based upon the conventional Spartan design, this Lakonia includes a high carbon blade oak leaf shape blade and a solid brass hilt. It is solid yet well balanced We provide it with both tempered and non-tempered blades.

Real Sharp Katana Sword For Sale - TrueKatanaCustom Length Chinese Taiji Sword Sharp Folded Steel Blade Wushu Martial Arts Tai Chi Jian

Boasting an outstanding overall size of 45 inches with a blade length of 35 inches it still a comfortable weight and effectively balanced. SBA-OSPREYVIKING Osprey; Viking Raider Battle Sword $77 In Stock! The Osprey features a long 32 inch blade and has an amazing swept guard that stretches a great five inches to each side.

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